Mission: The goal of (launch.) Parachuting Buddha is to provide services to growing startups that want a strategic, data-driven, out-of-the-box thinker who can connect the dots, solve problems holistically, and operationalize viable solutions. I've spent over a decade scaling and making startups work better.

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(board member requests also accepted)

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This is who I am and what I love to do:

I love to put out fires; identifying issues/opportunities for improvement energizes me.

I look at the business and operations from 10,000 feet and can identify where challenges will arise in the near (and distant) future; in order to brainstorm, present, and implement solutions.

I'm driven to learn how every aspect of the company works. With better understanding, comes a greater opportunity for streamlining, fine tuning, collaborating, and iterating.

I know what’s needed and how to execute getting an MVP up and running.

Building on the MVP, I can foresee v 0.1, v 1.0, v 1.2, etc. Not only do I have this vision, but I can communicate and integrate these steps clearly and efficiently.

I'm data driven and not afraid to try new things, forever sorting through what works and what doesn’t work, rinsing and repeating.

I value transparency and connecting departments and people who can mutually benefit each other within the organization.

I give clear, concise, actionable feedback and instructions. Likewise, I take feedback well and incorporate valuable lessons and ideas from others into the larger stratagem.

I work hard, I'm humble, remaining positive and even-keeled under pressure, and I leave things much better than I found them.